We all want to improve our photography skills to get the most out of our craft. Whether you just picked up a camera today or are a seasoned photographer, check out these 8 Photography Youtube channels that will help you learn everything from using your camera and understanding light, to post processing.

Top 8 Educational Photography Youtube Channels

 Top Educational Photography Youtube Channels - SLR Lounge Photography Youtube

1. SLR Lounge 

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Many tutorials coming your way. SLR Lounge is one stop shop for those who love to learn by show and tell. This channel covers everything from studio, weddings, to landscapes. If your are a Canon user, you would like this channel because that’s the camera they favor.
Highlights: Photography Tutorials, Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorials, Gear Reviews & Tech, Canon Lens Wars Series
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Top Educational Photography Youtube Channels - Sean Tucker Youtube

2. Sean Tucker 

If you’re into dark, moody, and philosophical trains of thought, Sean Tucker is your man. It’s more about the artist than the gear we use. This British photographer teaches his audience in a very meditative way. Everything with Sean is thoughtful. You will not even see a second of B-Roll that does not enhance the methodical story the Sean unravels.
Highlights: Lighting, Photography Tutorials, Q&A, Inspiration
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Top Educational Photography Youtube Channels - Craft Vision Photography Youtube

3. Craft & Vision

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David duChemin, a world & humanitarian assignment photography, is the host of Craft & Vision. Looking to serve. he talks right to the camera and gives in-depth context on technical, as well as inspiration information about photography. If are an auditory learner who can soak up information without demonstration, Craft & Vision is your channel. He’s avoids gimmicks of popular photography and get’s right to the chase.
Highlights: Learning Photography, Photography Vision
Top Educational Photography Youtube Channels - Tony and Chelsea Northrup Youtube

4. Tony and Chelsea Northrup

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Tony and Chelsea are Youtube’s favorite photography couple. Together they teach their viewers about everything photography. They cover the basics, interview experts, and show you how it is all done.

This photography youtube channel cover all the basics if you are beginning to learn photography, as well as looking to advance your photography knowledge.
Highlights: Photography Tutorials, Gear Reviews, Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials, Live Interviews
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Top Educational Photography Youtube Channels - The Art of Photography Youtube

5. The Art of Photography 


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I love how in-depth this channel is. Yes, you are going to the Photography Basics, but you – as the title suggests, will get the “art” of photography. Ted Forbes, the host of the channel, covers more than the technicalities – gear, using your camera, but talks about photography by extending it’s creative nature. There are two series that he creates that makes him very unique in the photography space. Photo Assignments and The Artist Series – Check it out!
Highlights: Photography Basics, Photo Assignments, The Artist Series, Gear & Tech


Top Educational Photography Youtube Channels - Phlearn Youtube

6. Phlearn

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Looking to master your Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom skills? You can “phlearn” your way to the top. The channel Phlearn is your one stop shop if you are 1. starting to learn about photography and 2. Getting into the Adobe products and trying to advance your skills.

After you’ve binge watched all of their videos, they do offer exclusive PRO tutorial access on their website.>/div>

Highlights: Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials, Photography Tutorials, Live Q&A, Pro Courses
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Top Educational Photography Youtube Channels - Mike Browne Youtube

7. Mike Brown

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If you’re going to do anything – getting GPS directions, asking Siri questions, learning photography… it is always better with a British accent, right? British photographer, Mike Browne has jovial sense of humor that makes his videos engaging and fun to watch. Mike takes us out into the field, to show you exactly compose, light, and shoot the perfect shot.
Highlights: Photography Tips and Techniques, Lighting & Flash, Lenses, Exposure, Composition
Most Popular Videos:
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I like Kai! Ha. Kai does a lot of gear reviews as well as photography tutorials. What really brings everything together is Kai’s sense of humor. While testing out new gear, you’ll be entertained by Kai’s witty and sarcastic sense of humor. Even if you are not planning to check out the gear he is testing or try the tutorial he is covering, I bet you will be watching his video’s out of sheer entertainment.
Highlights: Photography Tutorials, Gear Reviews, Lenses, Bokeh
Most Popular Videos:

Which Photography Youtube channels are your favorite to watch?

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