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Wayfaring With A Camera In Hand

We all get the same 24 hours in a day, but how do you spends yours? Kozak Moments is a photography blog inspired by the reflections of mortality. When you reflect on how short life can be, it becomes a tool to create priority and meaning. At the end of the day, time and moments become one of our greatest assets. Memento Mori!
The objective of Kozak Moments is to help inspire fellow photographers to seek new perspectives and experiences through the lens. These are the moments where you cherish and find beauty, whether it is in your back yard or backing packing the world with a partner. This blog will help guide the amateur photographers on how to better use their cameras for travel, nature, and macro photography.

About the Author

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Hi! I’m Sarah Kozak. I am a wandering photographer, curious creative, and humor junkie. Like many, my very first camera was a disposable point and shoot camera starting back in the 90’s. Gradually I graduated to a digital point and shoot, a nikon coolpix, and then to my current sony system. I have always been a creative since childhood, but photography had not been my main creative stream until October of 2016, when I bought myself a new Sony A7 Mirrorless body and kit lens. You find all my current gear here.

Naturally from Vermont, I love shooting outdoors and have gravitated towards macro nature shots, landscapes, and into travel. I love exploring new parts of New England, as well as getting the opportunity to explore other corners of the globe. If I could go anywhere tomorrow, I would chose to go to Asia, specifically Bali, the Philippines, Japan, and Thailand.

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